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Review: The Governess Was Wicked by Julia Kelly

The Governess Was Wicked by Julia Kelly
Publication Date: September 12, 2016
Publisher: Pocket Star
Amazon Link: HERE
Received From: Purchased

Summary (from Amazon):
This delightfully charming and saucy Regency era romance is first in the Governess series in which three best friends are employed as governesses for different families, and all find themselves wanting something they can't have.

Elizabeth Porter is quite happy with her position as the governess for two sneaky-yet-sweet girls when she notices that they have a penchant for falling ill and needing the doctor. As the visits from the dashing and handsome Doctor Edward Fellows become more frequent, Elizabeth quickly sees through the lovesick girls' ruse. Yet even Elizabeth can't help but notice Edward's bewitching bedside manner even as she tries to convince herself that someone of her station would not make a suitable wife for a doctor. But one little kiss won't hurt...

Elizabeth is a governess for two young girls and when they continually get sick, she begins to suspect they're pretending so they can see the handsome doctor. Elizabeth doesn't fault them, though, because she can't help but like being in his presence as well, especially because he makes her feel special. And even though Elizabeth is attracted to Edward, and vice versa, she knows their relationship can't go beyond a kiss because she can't risk her job and she knows she can never be the wife of a doctor. Will Elizabeth be able to give into her desires without risking her reputation or her heart?

There are many historical romance novels with governess heroines, but Julia Kelly managed to weave a unique story with a doctor hero, instead of the typical titled lord. Edward was also very kind and didn't believe that he was above Elizabeth, even though she was a governess, which is something I liked about him. I also liked Elizabeth and Edward together. Their romance was sweet and heartwarming, even if it was predictable. And Elizabeth was a great heroine because she was serious about her position and loved the children she took care of, but because of that, the story fell apart a little bit for me. I couldn't help becoming frustrated that Elizabeth risked her job to kiss Edward, especially because Elizabeth and Edward would kiss in hallways and open rooms where anyone could easily walk in on them. I also thought the plot was lacking since the author focused so much on the romance.

Overall, I enjoyed The Governess Was Wicked and recommend it to anyone looking for a historical romance novel featuring a sweet relationship between a governess and a doctor.


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