Saturday, October 15, 2016

Review: Alliance by K. de Long and Rebecca Hamilton

Alliance by K. de Long and Rebecca Hamilton
Publication Date: October 11, 2016
Publisher: Self Published
Amazon Link: HERE
Received From: Purchased

Summary (from Amazon):
With the prospect of war on the horizon, two rival packs must come together to solidify an uneasy truce. Tessa LaCroix, alpha mistress of the Kumori pack, is too fiery and competent to be passed around like some decoration. So when her father sends her to the Nefari pack to become their alpha leader's mate, she's furious. More aggravating, Marrock is the worst kind of alpha: proud and unmoving, more animal than man. But her own feelings betray her as she comes to know the man beneath the beast and realizes the animal in her wants the animal in him.

Liam Marrock was perfectly happy running his pack without a strong huntress defying him at every turn. However, the prospect of a ceasefire with the Kumori is too alluring to pass up. Unfortunately, it's not half as alluring as the headstrong spitfire now sharing his home, all the while cursing his name. But Tessa soon proves she's more trouble than she's worth, when her strong-willed attitude causes his pack mates to test his authority. As tensions escalate and the truth is tested, Tessa's quest for independence may cost him his life. 

Tessa, the alpha female of the Kumori pack, is pushed into a mating of convenience to Liam, alpha of a rival pack, in order to create a truce. Although neither wants the mating, they go along with it because it's what's best for their packs. Tessa doesn't go lightly, though, and puts up a fight at every turn. She doesn't want to be mated to Liam, and she hates that she has to uproot her life and move to a strange house. But as they spend more time together, it gets harder to not consummate their mating. Will they be able to turn a mating of convenience into something more or will their differences get in the way.

This was a typical paranormal romance where the hero and heroine were pushed to mate. There's nothing very unique about the story and at times the heroine and hero were unlikable, but it was still an enjoyable read. Tessa was the character I had the most problems with, mainly because she acted immature for being the supposed alpha female. She made bad decisions because she was bitter about being forced to mate with Liam, and it showed that she didn't really care about doing what was best for her or Liam's pack. She was also often cranky and bitchy to Liam. It also bothered me that most of the time Liam and Tessa found excuses to keep away from each other. They constantly used misunderstandings and their pack politics to prevent them from realizing their feelings for each other, which was frustrating.

Overall, Alliance was a fun paranormal romance but I won't be rereading it anytime soon.



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