Monday, August 8, 2016

Review: Why Do Dukes Fall In Love by Megan Frampton

Why Do Dukes Fall In Love? by Megan Frampton
Publication Date: July 26, 2016
Publisher: Avon
Amazon Link: HERE
Received From: Purchased

Summary (from Amazon):
Michael, the Duke of Hadlow, has the liberty of enjoying an indiscretion...or several. But when it comes time for him to take a proper bride, he ultimately realizes he wants only one woman: Edwina Cheltam. He hired her as his secretary, only to quickly discover she was sensuous and intelligent.

They embark on a passionate affair, and when she breaks it off, he accepts her decision as the logical one...but only at first. Then he decided to pursue her.

Michael is brilliant, single-minded, and utterly indifferent to being the talk of the ton. It's even said his only true friend is his dog. Edwina had begged him to marry someone appropriate—someone aristocratic...someone high-born...someone else. But the only thing more persuasive than a duke intent on seduction is one who has fallen irrevocably in love.

After Edwina's husband dies, she discovers that she's in major debt. In order to care for herself and her daughter, she takes a position with the Duke of Hadlow, as his secretary. From the beginning, Michael's pleased with Edwina's work ethic. But no matter how many times he tells himself he can't have her, he still yearns to take her in his arms and make love to her. Surprisingly Edwina wants the same thing and before long they begin an illicit affair that soon turns into something more. But Edwina knows Michael can't marry her because he's a duke and she's a secretary. Will Edwina be able to walk away from Michael before she loses her heart or will Michael lose her forever?

I really enjoyed reading this novel. I liked both of the characters—Edwina came across as hardworking and caring, especially when around her daughter, and Michael came across as somewhat quirky but in a very endearing way. I also liked that Michael was at times harsh and straight forward, because it made his character more interesting and it also made the relationship between Michael and Edwina more believable and it added more chemistry during their encounters. I also liked that Edwina was a strong enough person to know how the world worked and she was strong enough to make hard decisions in order to better herself and her daughter.

Overall, I would recommend Why Do Dukes Fall In Love? by Megan Frampton.



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